Want to see a real-life example of how one care home secured positive regional media coverage in order to promote its care and help get enquiries from prospective families?

This video reveals:

  • How we pitched a strong care home news story via email to a targeted regional media journalist.Tip: Never send email news releases to generic email inboxes. Instead always send to a particular journalist who you’ve already sourced and identified.
  • The real-life news release – in its entirety – which was signed off by the care home
  • The terrific editorial photographs accompanying the release, and why you should commission editorial photographers, not commercial or marketing photographers
  • The personal note sent to the target journalist
  • Why the subject line of your email is vital.
  • The exact headline we used for the news release
  • Why you must write a whole, completed news “story” – around about 300 words – in your news release
  • Why it’s super helpful – and beneficial to your home – to source quotes from residents and your care home manager, as well as providing giving key details about the home.
  • Why you should always follow up your pitch or news release via email or phone to a journalist
  • Why the resulting online news coverage for your home is powerful for SEO because the story will be picked up by “Google News” and so help make sure prospective family searching your care home discover your care home is written about positively by journalists.

The video also reveals the four pieces of online coverage and newspaper clipping the home secured from this news release, and how the photos were used.

That’s how to guarantee positive media exposure for your care home in order to help “get the word out there” about all the wonderful care your team provides.

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