Do your care homes and staff 😍 love 😍 positive praise and feedback from your residents and their families?

I bet you do!

And, heck, you deserve it! 🙌 🙌 🙌

But how often are those wonderful glowing testimonials quoted VERBATIM by journalists in media headlines?

Positive family testimonials must be the #1 endorsement for your care homes right?

And listing such testimonials on and your website are one thing.

But how can you get the press to showcase – as media headlines –
the EXACT words resident families choose to praise your homes and staff?

This lovely care home home story in my video was about how staff at one care home did their best during the pandemic to ensure war veteran, called Bert, continued to see his wife who had been living at the home since 2014, and whom he had visited every day since.

Bert was so grateful.

And when he spoke to us about the experience he praised the staff as ‘angels’.

So we pitched this story to the press with the headline:

“Care home staff praised as ‘angels’ for help to wife during Covid, says war veteran Bert”.

And we made sure the ‘angels’ comment was

In The Headline

of our news release.

And sure enough…

that’s pretty much EXACTLY the headline the press, including online,

So, if you want your care homes to be praised – and showcased in the press – to become the care homes

That Everyone Knows About In Your Catchment Area·

then make the most of those positive endorsements from family members

Do you use resident family quotes when securing press coverage for your homes?

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