❓Should you STOP promoting your care homes if they’re >90% occupancy ❓

“I just need to get past this Covid period….”

A care home owner told me last week.

“And then I’ll return to >90% occupancy

“Like the good old days….

“and I’ll have a waiting list…”


right now

the home is 9 beds down.

enquiries have bottomed

and it’s almost certainly down to the pandemic.

The owner is pondering on….

what to do next

Should a care home like this – used to the usual glow of >90% occupancy – NEVER promote itself?

Because USUALLY it never feels it NEEDS more enquiries.

nor to make more people aware of its quality of care.

or of the fact – by the way – that this particular home has been Covid-free since the start of the pandemic.

Even if you are in the luxurious position of being at >90% occupancy.

Does that mean promoting your homes is off the table.

That more enquiries is no longer an aim.

What do you think?

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