This episode of the Care Home PR and Marketing podcast features Anthony Rae of Montane Care, who will be revealing the essentials of selling your care operator, whether you’re a single home or a group of homes.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to value and appraise your care home operator – and assess its saleability. It’s (roughly) 5x your adjusted net profit.  So if your care operator secures £800,000 adjusted net profit per year, your approximately valuation = £4m.  (Note: It’s adjusted net profit)
  • Current state of the market
  • What to plan if you are thinking of selling your operator – and the pitfalls to avoid. g. The role when valuing an operator of your CQC ratings, possible improvements and demographics, supply and demand, financials, staffing, capital expenditure, assets and adjusted net profit.  Transition and hand over of your operator to the new owner.
  • What to think about in terms of best offers, potential buyers, and confidentiality
  • How to advertise the sale of a care operator

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