Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.11.09 PMOne care provider we work with is – like you – always trying to drive interest and enquiries to their home.

But, in order to do this, they STOPPED paying for adverts in their local paper.

Here’s what they’re doing instead:

Raising awareness – including online – of their home through local media journalist writing ‘good news’ stories about the home (i.e. genuine media and online exposure – not paid-for adverts)

Sending once-per month emails to their database of 600 contacts, stakeholders and prospective families (hint – you MUST have a system to record the email addresses of everyone who expresses an interest in your home, and adding them to your email database)

“Accelerated engagement” through the home’s Facebook page – by using competitions to dynamically propel awareness and engagement

Ensuring the home’s listing (a massive source of referrals) is updated with regular “good news” about the home, including awards.

The new strategy started with a bang – three weeks ago the home secured two new residents (equivalent to £80,000 per annum) via its once-per-month email.

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All best, Adam