Do you want more respite care residents?

70%-100% of respite residents eventually become full-time residents according to an online survey Springup PR conducted with care operators.

Plus, people who’ve received the Covid vaccine – or the first dose –  are more likely to seek respite care, particularly if families are struggling to provide support at home.

This is according to data from


what are your care and nursing homes doing


to promote your operator to families looking for well-earned respite?


when that respite resident will likely become a full-time resident?

One must-do method is to use Facebook Ads to promote your respite to families in your catchment area.

If you ‘test’ different photos, words and video in your respite care Facebook Ads you can get 👉 £13 👈 per respite care lead.

Even if you convert a meagre 1 in 20 of those leads – that’s 👉 £260 👈 per respite resident who’ll likely turn into a > £75,000 full-time resident.

How does that sound?

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