Want to discover what a new care operator’s sales and marketing manager did for the group’s first three new homes?

This episode, featuring Dormy Care’s Wendy Westbury, discusses:

  • How to think about re-branding your care operator, including a new website and its look and feel, and new logo
  • The importance of consistency in branding and ensuring that families want to visit the home after visiting the website
  • How small website tweaks e.g. adding a ‘request call back’ option on the care homes’ contact pages can make a difference.
  • How to launch individual Facebook pages for the homes, and how the pages can help secure enquiries
  • How one Facebook campaign alone helped secure 500 job applications during the launch of one home
  • How stories published in the local media help promote the homes
  • How Wendy monitors the success of adverts e.g. newspaper or online adverts, using a “telephone-tracking” system
  • The importance of recording calls to the homes, or making sure that any missed calls are monitored, especially considering that any enquiry may be worth tens of thousands of pounds in revenue from one resident.
  • What to say on a care home “sales” call from an enquiring family.
  • The importance of networking and “speaking to everybody” when launching a new home

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