So what exactly is a ‘Fill Beds Faster Diagnostics’ for care homes?

That’s what a care home owner asked yesterday.

And how can your ‘diagnostics’ help occupancy at my homes, he quizzed?

Well, if you want to use PR and marketing methods to increase occupancy faster then you first have to ‘diagnose’ what the underlying problem is.

It’s like going to the doctor.

Only once s/he has asked a number of pertinent questions about your symptoms, and perhaps ordered a test or two can  a diagnosis be provided so you can be treated.

So, in relation to how to fill beds faster using PR and marketing – it’s about being empirical, logical, and eliminating guesswork.

So, let’s say your symptom is not securing as many enquiries as you want.

Or a drop in enquiries.

Or not enough prospective families visiting your website.

A diagnostics would assist in understanding firstly what that problem (the condition) is, and then deducing how best to fix it.

Who knows, it may be as simple as whoever takes that first enquiry from a telephone enquiry that s/he is not sufficiently friendly, and from the kick off puts off a prospective family member.

Or perhaps you are not doing enough to make sure sufficient people in your area know about your quality of care, because you are failing to amplify that vital ‘word of mouth’

Or perhaps your website just does not convey sufficient confidence for someone looking to put their trust in you to look after their loved one, or your website looks ‘shabby’ for a family looking to fork out upwards of £700 per week for care for their loved one.

These are the kind of the ‘signs’ of a condition that a diagnostics examines.

And this diagnostics is the vital first step before even pulling together a PR/marketing solution to help increase occupancy faster.

So, if you’re worried about why those enquiry or occupancy numbers are not where they should be, get diagnosing?

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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