If you could choose 1 marketing or PR initiative over 6 months to get more enquiries from self-funding families what would it be?

Positive press coverage?

Facebook Ads?

Google Ads?

Or none of these?

I recently conducted a survey on Linkedin on this exact question.

15% said Google Pay Per Click

13% said Facebook Ads

15% said “None”

But a majority of 56% said “positive press coverage”

(and P.S. most poll respondents worked in the care sector)

So why was positive press coverage your answer?

Is it because care operators THRIVE from their ‘word of mouth’ reputation and “getting the word out there” about their wonderful care quality and staff to both local authority referrers and private pay self-funding families?

Is it that ongoing positive news about your care homes gets you noticed and has a beneficial impact on enquiries and – for that matter – recruitment?

Is it that actually any care operator can post an ad.

But not every home can have their care quality and dedicated staff featured in media headlines?

The truth is that all the different PR and marketing methods have a role to play in helping care operators generate more enquiries.

But I can see why – in the long run – 56% of you chose ongoing positive press coverage to amplify your word of mouth reputation as your #1 choice

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