She's got the eye!

She’s got the eye! Photo: @aP-Photographie

Back in the 1990s I lived in Manchester, UK, and had just launched a freelance journalism career.

On my first morning as a newbie freelancer working from my apartment I spotted a story in the local paper on an archaeological  discovery of ancient musical instruments (sorry, it’s a long time ago – I can’t remember any more than this!)

What was my first reaction? To ‘pitch’ the story on to a leading classical music magazine.

So, I put together a news release, printed it out and faxed (remember them?!) it over to the magazine’s editor. And followed up with a telephone call.

Bingo! Within just two hours the editor called me back to say they wanted the story, and after I filed it I was later rewarded with a princely check of $300ish.

I’ve been doing (roughly) the same ever since. OK, “very roughly” as managing a networked PR agency and devising PR strategies involves a whole bucket of other skills.

However, it was my journalist “eye for a story” that got me a result with this prestigious magazine, and which 20 years later serves me well everyday, whether it be advising and implementing PR strategies for clients or formulating one-off PR initiatives.

This free webinar is a “dead-cert watch” if you want to secure ongoing media exposure and PR results for your company, and learn from killer ‘insider’ knowledge.

There’s some high-level tips, info and advise, including:
* Why it’s not about the media contacts you have, but ‘the story’ you pitch to the media.
* Why email subject lines to journalists are drop-dead vital when pitching via email.
* Why press distribution wires are JUST SO over-rated (unless your a household brand in which case they can be great!)
* Why a social media manager of an US household brand turns to landing media coverage to hit “big” target consumer audiences

Check out the free webinar!

Best wishes, Adam