This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing podcast features Simon Crowther of training and consultancy company Care Skilled. Simon also owned and sold 2 nursing homes.

In this episode we delve into:

    • How to best handle enquiries to your care and nursing homes, including who should answer the phone, how should the phone best be answered, and the key information enquiry-responders should gather.
    • Who should handle enquiries out of hours.
    • Why the person who receives enquiries MUST have training.
    • The importance of a workflow to ensure the phone is answered correctly and professionally, and all relevant data is captured.
    • Why you should consider having a dedicated enquiry line, and using a virtual PA or virtual switchboards.
    • How virtual switchboards can track exactly how many phone calls have been received, and what are the benefits of recording phone calls.
    • Why you HAVE to know your numbers, such as enquiries per month, and origin of enquiries, and conversion rate from enquiry to look around to resident.
    • Why you must have a system to stay in touch with families who enquired, even if their family member is not ready quite yet to become a resident.

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