This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing podcast, features Simon Parker, founding partner of SP&P which helps build high-performance teams, to deliver outstanding care and to grow their care home business. Simon also runs the Care Home Show

Simon discusses:

  • What we mean by “culture” for care operators.
  • Why it’s important to recognize the CQC scrutinizes culture in the “well-led” domain of their inspection framework.
  • How a good culture improves recruitment and retention – minimising cost and time spent recruiting, and reducing attrition.
  • How a good culture impacts care delivery, care quality, and CQC ratings
  • How a good culture impacts occupancy and attracting self-funded residents.
  • Why it’s vital to be clear on your care business’s vision and values
  • Why you must embed culture into everything the team does
  • Why fostering a good culture must come from the top
  • Horror-story examples of when care operator cultures go wrong!
  • The signs that demonstrate you’ve got a high-class team culture

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