Make sure your care home enters local – as well as national – awards

Here’s the 2 top reasons why your care home(s) must enter care awards.

  1. You will impress prospective families, particularly private pays, and local stakeholders by being shortlisted for care awards or winning care awards.Keeping your care home at full occupancy means continually standing out to help nudge prospective families to visit your home.

    Being shortlisted for awards or winning is a sure-fire way to help achieve this.There are dozens of care awards, such as The Care Home Awards and the Great British Care Awards, all with many categories.

    Plus, there’s often local business care or dementia provider awards in your area.

    So look at all possibilities and note down deadline dates for applications.

  2. Being shortlisted or winning awards can be a massive morale boost for your team.And it rewards their hard work and dedication.Make sure you secure positive media exposure for the awards your care home is either shortlisted for or wins.

    This again helps promote your home and its quality of care

Here’s my one Big Tip for care awards

  1. JUST ENTER. I repeat – just enter!By entering and submitting you will have a very reasonable chance of being at least shortlisted, and even winning.

    I’ve seen this happen many times.For the care homes we help we see a > 60% success rate of them being shortlisted.

    Sure, you have to devote some time and effort to getting the application spot on.

    But with > 60% success rate, the odds are in your favour.

Finally, here’s my One Huge Warning….

  1. Don’t ever think you don’t have enough within your care home that’s award-winning.Suppress that knee-jerk response. Please.Why?

    Because you almost certainly have enough care quality, achievements and expertise.

    It might be a stand out individual member of staff, an innovative reminiscence activity or service.

    Secure positive local media exposure for being shortlisted for – or winning – care awards

    Often it just needs someone to package what you do into a neat and concise application for a particular category of an award.

    You may think your care home is providing quality care because, well, that’s just your job.

    But you are undervaluing what you do.

    And you are certainly missing out on opportunities to both promote your care home and reward your staff.

    So if you’re not entering awards for this reason –  then changing that mindset may well be that first obstacle to overcome.

    One home we helped had a “requires improvement” CQC status and yet they’ve been finalists for awards and have won because they do nevertheless offer some exemplary care and have stand-out individual members of staff.

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