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Photo by Amanda, of Flickr Creative Licences

How to make national media journalists “bite” at your pitch

Whatever business, whatever its size – and even with the fabulous possibilities of social media –  70%+ of PR work remains media pitching to journalists or editors. So, what is it that would make journalists continually “bite” at your media pitches? Well, here’s an anecdote about Adrian, the founder and MD of one of our clients. Adrian launched the UK’s first-ever independent garage franchise, and when looking for PR assistance he briefed us: “We want to get the word ‘out there’ about our business”. For Adrian, “out there” (or brand awareness) meant reaching key audiences through positive coverage in national, as well as specialist business-to-business (b-to-b) media and regional media. …

Andy Fox and the iAutoUK team

Automotive / aftermarket PR

We loved working with iAutoUK, the UK’s first ever independent car franchise as it launched across the UK. After drawing up the company a PR strategy, our main task was to raise the profile of iAutoUK in a range of media, including national, trade and regional press. Results include coverage in The Daily Express, BBC radio, and extensive coverage in trade media, including Aftermarket and Cat magazine. “Adam of Springup PR knows what works in the PR world. Give him what he needs and he’s like a Yorkshire Terrier that turns into a Pit Bull!” Andy Fox, entrepreneur and founder of iAutoUK.” More client testimonials   Follow us on Twitter, contact us directly, or look at …

The "best press release ever", according to the BBC

How Springup PR created the “best press release ever”!

Can Springup PR ever credit itself to creating the best press release ever? Of course not. We left that to BBC presenter Mollie Green who, live on her radio show, described one of Springup PR’s media pitches as the “best press release ever”. It all started when we were  keen to produce an eye-catching media pitch on behalf of our client, entrepreneur Andy Fox, who heads national car-servicing franchise iAutoUK. During a phone call to Andy, he told us he is often told he resembles Barack Obama. This sparked the idea to distribute a quirky, well-designed A4 flyer to target media. The flyer included details of Andy Fox’s business success, photos of Fox and …