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Want to know how NOT to respond to a PR crisis? Ask the Japanese Olympic Committee

When a story inflicting immense damage on a business or organization hits media headlines, I’m interested in as much as how the company manages the crisis, as much as the crisis itself. Volkswagen (cheating emissions test) and Chipotle (Norovirus) are two big brand names to have taken a recent reputational battering, from which they are recovering. And today the Guardian reported that a suspicious-looking £1.3m payment (bribe?) from the successful Tokyo Olympic bid team to an account linked to the son of the former world athletics chief was apparently made during the run up to host the 2020 Games. Now, a quick word of crisis management advice. If ever your company …

Why Jay Carney was RIGHT to criticise the New York Times

Jay Carney, Amazon’s communications head, yesterday took to online platform Medium to criticise a “hatchet job” by the New York Times on the working conditions and management practises at Amazon. Was he right to do so? On balance, yes, even though the reputational strike on Amazon has already stuck deep.  Latest Drivetime PR video