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The cash value of your company’s reputation is 30% – here’s why

You may of heard of Chipotle, the US Mexican restaurant chain? In October, 2015, 141 students got sick with Norovirus after eating at one of its restaurants. The news swept through America, and social media fun-lovers had a field day The result – a 30% drop in Chipotle’s share price, in one day. You read that right – a 30% drop. A massive hit. The share price continues to drop, and sales have plummeted. The brand has taken a massive blow to its reputation. But 30% is the real CASH value of a company’s reputation. (I’ll provide more details on this another time) Now, you’ll no doubt sail through 2016 …

Don't feature in a PR horror story!

PR horror story!

Want a PR horror story? Here’s one….. A leading laser eye surgery firm paid a PR agency many tens of thousands of pounds over 12 months with a brief to secure them national media exposure. What were the results after 12 months? Zilch. Nought. Zero coverage. Aaaaaaah! Just imagine how disappointed/furious this company was. The truth is that national media exposure for laser eye surgery firms is gold dust – it can be a sales magnet leading to direct sales at £4k + per sale, as well as the media exposure providing substantial third-party endorsement. In the UK, the Daily Mail covers laser eye surgery ‘stories’ most frequently, approximately six …


When I proved I had a killer ‘eye’ for a media story

Back in the 1990s I lived in Manchester, UK, and had just launched a freelance journalism career. On my first morning as a newbie freelancer working from my apartment I spotted a story in the local paper on an archaeological  discovery of ancient musical instruments (sorry, it’s a long time ago – I can’t remember any more than this!) What was my first reaction? To ‘pitch’ the story on to a leading classical music magazine. So, I put together a news release, printed it out and faxed (remember them?!) it over to the magazine’s editor. And followed up with a telephone call. Bingo! Within just two hours the editor called me back to …

Foxy Lady Drivers Club

Some Foxy PR

FOXY Lady Drivers Club asked us to assist them in their PR efforts to target women drivers. Very soon after we started working with FOXY Lady Drivers Club, founded by Steph Savill, we learnt Steph was set to win a prestigious accolade for her “outstanding contribution” to the motoring industry. For more than a decade Steph had been campaigning to make the motor industry more female-friendly. She had launched the UK’s only motoring association for women, the FOXY Lady Drivers Club, in 2004 to achieve higher quality standards in UK garages and car dealerships. Steph’s achievements had been acknowledged by the UK’s leading professional automotive body, the Institute of the …