Guaranteed PR results – global exclusive offer!

By Adam James, fouguaranteed-resultsnder of Springup PR.

Would you like guaranteed PR results, including guaranteed exposure in your target media?

Would you like a guarantee that your company will be showcased in your target media? (To be clear, I mean journalists writing about you, not paid-for ads)

As a PR agency of media insiders, we are so confident of our skills and expertise that we have an exclusive guaranteed results offer you must take take a look at.

We’re one of the only agencies on the planet to offer such a guarantee!

We  offer guaranteed positive coverage in your target media for any business or organisation in whatever part of the world –  whether you are a FTSE 100/Forbes 100 company or a start-up.

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

How it works:

1. You tell us you are interested in this offer via email at
2. We arrange to discuss with you about which media you would like your business showcased in. And why.
3. We discuss our costs for a one-off media pitch on behalf of your business
4. You decide if you are happy with this agreement.
5. We go about doing our PR magic.
6. IMPORTANT: You ONLY pay our full fee when media coverage is secured. No coverage, no fee. Simple.

How this unique offer worked for other companies….

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For further queries on this one-off exclusive offer just contact me on +44 (0)203 6370091 or