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Automotive and aftermarket PR

Andy Fox and the iAutoUK team

Automotive / aftermarket PR

We loved working with iAutoUK, the UK’s first ever independent car franchise as it launched across the UK. After drawing up the company a PR strategy, our main task was to raise the profile of iAutoUK in a range of media, including national, trade and regional press. Results include coverage in The Daily Express, BBC radio, and extensive coverage in trade media, including Aftermarket and Cat magazine. “Adam of Springup PR knows what works in the PR world. Give him what he needs and he’s like a Yorkshire Terrier that turns into a Pit Bull!” Andy Fox, entrepreneur and founder of iAutoUK.” More client testimonials   Follow us on Twitter, contact us directly, or look at …


PR Tip – Advice when talking to the media

Giving sound and thorough advice and briefings to clients when they are being interviewed by the media is essential. Sometimes formal media training is appropriate, other times a general brief over the phone is sufficient. It all depends on the skills and abilities of the interviewee, and the kind of interview. However, some useful general advice we provide clients before any interview is: Know your message. If necessary, note down two or three main points you want to communicate, and try and put them across during the interview. Where possible, use simple language and avoid jargon. Try to mention positive anecdotes and examples of the your work/services etc to illustrate …