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Determination and persistence is a core PR skill

Discover the 6 emails and 1 phone call it takes to secure national media exposure

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR “Follow up to the death” – that’s often what I instruct colleagues when they’re pitching a story on behalf of a client to a target journalist. What this means is: “Keep on contacting the target journalist until s/he says accepts or declines your pitch.” A high-risk tactic? Maybe so considering journalists at best sigh with resignation or at worst abhor with passion when PR pros badger them with “non-stories”? But, if a ‘pitch’ is truly solid, tight, forensically focused and conveys a genuine ‘story’ then you must “follow up to the death” Here’s one real example of “following up to the death”. I …


Psst….PR’s closely-guarded secret – how surveys can secure media headlines for your business

If you want immediate explosive positive media exposure for your business then creating headline-making stories from surveys of the public are a tried-and-tested method to achieve this. Done properly, it’s a dead-cert PR result. That’s what any business wants to hear. Infact, whatever your business, whatever your brand – doing survey-based research to generate newsworthy statistics and figures will secure you a spread of national media exposure, often including backlinks, the gold-dust of SEO. Everyday you read at least one national story about research “findings”. There’s every likelihood these findings resulted from a survey of the public on behalf of a company or brand. It’s something you can do for …

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Media exposure (and sales leads) for technology company

Technology company Invatech Health, approached us for PR support for the launch of research demonstrating the benefits of their medicine management technology for care homes. Invatech’s Proactive Care System (PCS) can save care home staff time, improve patient safety and make substantial savings on drugs costs for care home residents by cutting wastage. As part of their marketing and brand strategy, Invatech wanted us to secure exposure for PCS in the care sector media, read by their target audience and customers. When working with industry media, such as the care sector, it’s vital to ensure you don’t pitch ‘stories’ that may be regarded as product marketing.  They’ll just get binned. So we ‘nosed’ the story on the …

Care Home Open Day

Care Home Open Day Is (Almost) Here

Care Home Open Day is back….almost! June 16, 2017, is the day to open your doors to your local community, and show off the top-notch care your homes provide for residents. Care Home Open Day is – as the organisers phrase it – an opportunity to “make positive noise” about your homes. This year the (suggested) theme is “Friendship”. You don’t need me to tell you that your homes live and breathe off their reputation, and the ‘good word’ that families of residents spread to others about your homes. But do you want to deepen, enhance and spread that reputation even further? Do you want to make sure YOUR care …


PR secret revealed! How to grab the attention of 4 national journalists in 10 minutes

Recently something incredible happened. On behalf of a client, my colleague Bryan (pictured left) pitched a ‘story’ – via email to specific national media journalists. Extraordinarily, within just 10 minutes we received positive replies from FOUR. Such an immediate responses from leading national media journalists, including multi-award-winners, was unprecedented. How, and why, did this happen? Well, it was all in the email subject line which, in this case, was: “Joost van der Westhuizen interview?” If you are not familiar with rugby, Joost van der Westhuizen is a legendary South Africa rugby player. He was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and was making what was believed to be his last trip to …

Photo-feature in the Daily Telegraph, secured for our client, Oomph, by Springup PR

PR that has Oomph!

Oomph! is the most exciting provider of fun and “funky” activity classes and programmes to residents in UK care homes across the care sector. Founded by entrepreneur, Ben Allen, the multi award-winning social enterprise approached Springup PR as it wanted to use national, trade and regional media to boost significantly its profile among target audiences, and help propel the business forward with its growth plans. Charged with a three-month campaign, we set to work developing a strategy, storylines and “angles” with impact that would grab the attention of journalists and editors of target media, and achieve desired results. Within three months we’d achieved the following exposure for Oomph! ·      Photo features Oomph! in the Daily Telegraph and Guardian, focusing on …