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Determination and persistence is a core PR skill

Discover the 6 emails and 1 phone call it takes to secure national media exposure

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR “Follow up to the death” – that’s often what I instruct colleagues when they’re pitching a story on behalf of a client to a target journalist. What this means is: “Keep on contacting the target journalist until s/he says accepts or declines your pitch.” A high-risk tactic? Maybe so considering journalists at best sigh with resignation or at worst abhor with passion when PR pros badger them with “non-stories”? But, if a ‘pitch’ is truly solid, tight, forensically focused and conveys a genuine ‘story’ then you must “follow up to the death” Here’s one real example of “following up to the death”. I …


Want to test out a PR agency?

By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Are you worried whether or not a PR agency is up to the job and can secure desired results? Do you like the idea of “testing out” a PR agency before committing to a longer-term relationship? I  totally understand this, and I’ve been approached by companies who’ve been stung by rotten PR agency experiences. So when a UK luxury care home provider, who’d never used a PR agency before, came to us with these doubts, we were determined to re-assure them. And what better way to do this than offering the group, which operates two homes, our globally-exclusive one-off “guaranteed results” package. The provider wanted us to …