ITV coverage of opening of Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre

ITV coverage of opening of Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre

What’s a key aim when wanting to fill your care home beds?

I’m sure it’s to “get the word out” and secure phone or email enquiries requesting a visit or general chat.

Getting your care home positive regional media coverage – and online – is one way to prompt such enquiries, and also to increase your home’s reputation and profile.

Here’s 6 reasons why you must get your home featured in regional media:

1) More valuable than ads – Editorial coverage of your care home is significantly more credible to your home than adverts in local media.  Any home can pay to place an advert. Readers – and prospective families – know this. I’ve worked with many care homes that are fed up with the dreadful ROI they get from regional media ads. Much better to spend advertising budget on a well-refined Google Ads campaign. Online is where families go to search homes for their loved ones.

Editorial coverage is, in effect, independent media saying “This care home is great”.  This is what building a profile and a reputation is all about. (Plus, you can get a SIX-FOLD value from media exposure. Check this out.

Want your home on ITV or BBC regional news? We can help!

Want your home on ITV or BBC regional news? We can help!

2)  Television reaches massive audiences – Your care home can be positively featured on TV. Every few months there may well be a  ‘story’ within your home that could attract the interest of local BBC or ITV television. Such as this for one of our clients. The same goes for regional radio. What a major boost to your care home’s reputation if it’s featured on TV.

3)  SEO – Positive media coverage improves your care home’s long-term SEO. When families/commissioners look for a local care home one of the first actions they make is to search online under key words.

Regional media have the most powerful and viewed websites in your region. This makes them SEO king pins. Google’s ranking algorithm adores regional media websites. Plus your care homes will be picked up under a “Google News” search. Is that what you want?

If your care home is mentioned by name on your regional media sites then you’re dramatically boosting your care home’s chances of being picked up by online searches.

4) Families appreciate it – Families of residents love reading about positive up-lifting coverage of the home they chose to send their loved one.

It’s confirmation that their mother/father/relative is being properly cared for. This is solid reputation building.

5) Staff morale – Staff appreciate seeing their achievements and standards of care being highlighted in the media. It boosts morale.

6) Website news – Every news release pitched to the media can also be used as a story for your website in its own right + on your once-per-month email newsletter.

Again this is valuable for SEO and for trumpeting your own standards of care to prospective families/commissioners who visit your website in their search for a care home.

You can also have a section of your site dedicated to displaying how your care home was showcased in the media.


Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

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