Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR

We were delighted when AntikBar, the UK’s only vintage poster gallery, approached us to secure them exposure in key media read by their target customers.

Antik Bar, based in London, took up our exclusive “Guaranteed Results” offer, as they were keen to target key journalists on media such as Homes and Antiques magazine.

Springup PR’s senior associate Lisa Pettifer quickly discovered that not only did Antik Bar have a range of beautiful and unusual vintage posters but its founder Kirill Kalinin, had an intriguing back story and unique expertise.

So Springup PR embarked on two tactics. Firstly, a strong pitch to journalists on stand-out posters for shopping and product pages/sections of target media, and secondly a profile pitch around Kirill’s ‘story’ and expertise.


Client coverage in Home And Antiques magazine - 3 months on the trot!

Client coverage in Home And Antiques magazine – 3 months on the trot!

* AntikBar’s vintage posters featured in the UK’s top interior design magazine Homes & Antiques for THREE CONSECUTIVE MONTHS, plus a listing featuring AntikBar’s winter sports exhibition.

The key part of this campaign was that Homes & Antiques magazine absolutely loved the range of posters being sold by AntikBar.

If it was not for our campaign on behalf of AntikBar the magazine would never have had any reason to be aware of AntikBar and its posters.

A solid relationship has now been built up with this key target media, and there’s every reason for AntikBar to take advantage of this ‘special’ relationship for years to come.  Indeed, it’s the  kind of relationship with a journalist that all consumer-facing companies should aspire to achieving.

But truth be told there’s only one way of achieving it, and that’s by proactively contacting journalists with the products and ‘stories’ that will get them excited. Don’t contact them, and well….you’ll never be on their radar.

* Showcased Kirill’s knowledge and expertise in a Homes And Antiques blog entitled ‘Why Vintage Posters Make Brilliant Christmas Gifts”  See here:

* Also reached potential visitors to Antik Bar’s Kings Road store with coverage in The London Magazine and website.

* Six pieces of media coverage secured in total.

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