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A Real Example Of How To Become A Huffington Post Blogger

Are you an ambitious company pursuing growth and new customers? If so, it’s a big help if your, CEO, founder, chair or senior executive has an impactful online presence. Think of the lead player in your industry. I bet s/he is a name you see in the media. One sure-fire method in the journey to raise your profile in online media, and to impress prospect customers (who ‘google’ you or your company) is to be able to market yourself as a Huffington Post blogger. So here’s my guide on just how to do it – weaving in the real-life example of how we helped the CEO of a London architecture …

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Want a 3-month lift-off PR campaign?

When a Birmingham architect approached us with a need to dramatically raise his profile both as an architect and an entrepreneur, we were delighted to assist. The company wanted to be more visible to potential customers and his architect contemporaries –  so we put together a 3-month ‘lift off PR’ strategy to secure coverage in key architecture media and national publications. What nailed our campaign for the lead architect at the practice was when we discovered she herself was one of the first alumni of a distinguished Trust to establish her own practice. This, we knew, was the ‘strong angle’ to attract target media, including the UK’s leading architecture industry publications. Architect’s ‘lift off PR’  results: Coverage in key architecture publications + national media, including: *  Architect’s Journal …