Positive media exposure for Woodland Grove care home

Positive media exposure for Woodland Grove care home

By Adam James, Founder of Springup PR

Do you want regional media exposure for your care homes – but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’re not getting as much media coverage for care home as you’d like?

Are paid-for adverts not working for you, and you’d like to try another route?

Do you want to ‘get the word out there’ to local prospect families about the quality services of your care home(s)

Well, last year the CEO of a provider of two luxury care homes contacted me via Linkedin with these exact problems.

The paraphrased conversation went like this.

CEO:  “We’ve got these two wonderful care homes, but we want the good things they’re doing for residents to be covered by the media. We try paid-for adverts, but they are not working for us.

“However, we’ve never used outside professional PR help before. And we’re a bit uncertain about how it will go.”

Me: “OK, I completely get this. So why not just give us a go? Let me show you with a one-off campaign what media exposure results we can secure for you. Not only that – but we’ll guarantee media exposure for your homes.”

CEO: Yes, great. Let’s do it.

So, off we went to work.

Now,  as certain as tomatoes are green before they turn red is that regional media devour engaging “human interest” stories.

Well, after a few minutes into our conversation with one of the home’s managers we unearthed a terrific ‘story’ we knew journalists would, indeed, devour.

We discovered one of the home’s residents was former children’s author, Jill Barklem, the creator and illustrator of the much-loved Brambly Hedge stories.

My colleague Lisa, drafted up a ‘story’ about how the staff at the home (called ‘Woodland Grove’) were assisting Jill to continue to embrace her love for nature, and so enhance one of its resident’s quality of life.

Let me emphasise. There was no ‘spin’ here. It was just a superlative positive ‘story’ that the world should get to hear about.

Lisa’s news write-up focused on a trip for Jill back to her beloved Epping Forest.  We commissioned some top-class editorial photography capturing both Jill’s joy of the visit and her positive relationship with staff.

We also highlighted the home’s understanding of Jill’s passion for art and nature.

We put the icing on the cake with a cracking headline  of “Care home embraces celebrated author’s love of nature” and…. it was no surprise when the regional media (printed media and online) gobbled up the story – as did the care sector media.

The CEO was so delighted with the guaranteed media exposure results that he asked us to do the same every month. Which we’ve been happily doing.

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