Seeking to boost occupancy of your care homes? Want to 300% more enquiries to your care homes?

Want to be the preferred employer for care staff? 

Springup PR is the UK’s premier care home marketing and PR agency, dedicated to helping aspirational care providers get more enquiries to fill beds faster and increase revenue faster.

Here’s a glimpse of the bespoke data-driven solutions we provide:

1) Care Home Digital Marketing 

pr agency nursing homeBy harnessing the strengths of digital marketing strategies, such as Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads and Live Chat, we guarantee care providers will get more enquiries from self-funding families.

All our care home digital marketing campaigns are optimised based on data and intelligence from hundreds of previous successful campaigns with care providers.

We provide prospective care home clients with our in-depth expertise on facets of Google PPC, from keyword selection and cost metrics to budgetary considerations and website optimisation.

Features such as Live Chat, brochure downloads, video content, and GDPR-compliant phone recordings are integrated to maximise both engagement with your ads and also enquiries.

For Facebook Ads, our strategy is optimised by historical data, assuring optimal views, click-through rates, and cost-per-lead metrics.

2) PR And Media Coverage

care home advertising and public relations firmWe’re dedicated to amplifying the reputation of care providers and care homes.

We ensure care providers benefit from extensive media exposure spanning regional papers and online regional media, TV, radio, and digital PR techniques such as Facebook “boosts” and “accelerated engagements”.

We deeply recognise the significance of the “word-of-mouth” reputation or your care homes in local communities and prospective families.

Our tailored strategy may involve crafting engaging news stories, proactively sourcing content, writing meticulous news releases, and persistently following up with journalists to guarantee coverage.

Understanding that care providers might not always “know” their own newsworthy events, we take a proactive role in finding stories for care homes.

We boast a >90% success rate of coverage in target media outlets..

What our clients say:

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  3. Video: The PR is having a huge impact” – Joanne Balmer, CEO of Oakland Care Homes
  4. How one care home filled 13 beds faster and increased annual revenue by £763,880
    “I would be pleased to recommend Adam and the Springup PR team to other care providers – Tony Barnes, CEO of Hythe Care.
  5.  Discover how 2 nursing homes filled 8 beds faster and increased annual revenue by £402,428
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FAQs about care home marketing and PR: Your questions answered

A care home marketing and PR agency specialises in promoting the reputation of care homes and care providers, and helping them get more enquiries.

They use a combination of PR and digital marketing strategies to increase your care home’s visibility, attract new residents, and build a trustworthy name for your care homes. 

A care home marketing and PR agency brings specific knowledge and data to tailor strategies that highlight your provider’s unique selling points.

With a combination of media relations and digital marketing they position your care home as a top choice, emphasising benefits that set you apart from competitor services in your catchment area.

While general marketing agencies offer broad expertise, a care home marketing and PR agency understands the nuanced challenges and opportunities within the care sector. Their specialisation means they’re abreast of industry trends, regulations, and the unique needs of your target demographic. With this specific insight, they can craft campaigns that are more resonant, effective, and tailored to the care home environment.

Engaging with local communities is pivotal. Marketing home ideas for care homes in this context could encompass hosting local events or partnering with nearby schools for intergenerational programs. Building a strong local presence fosters trust and positions the care home as an integral part of the community.

Investing in a care home marketing and PR agency can provide a significant return on investment. Their specialised campaigns can lead to increased enquiries, higher occupancy, and increased annual revenue.