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World exclusive! See this ‘real-life’ news release that secured media exposure for a care home

Do you want to see a ‘real-life’ example of how to GUARANTEE media and online exposure for your care home? Do you want to see the EXACT email we sent to a regional media journalist that secured coverage? Do you want to see the kind of “news release” you have to send to your regional media to secure online media coverage for your home? Well, just watch my video below. It will show: * Why you must target individual journalists * Why your email subject line must include your hard-hitting headline * How to make your news release “jump out” at journalists * Why using these methods will GUARANTEE media and online …

Springup PR specialises in public relations for the care and healthcare sector

Are you a care provider wanting more media exposure and PR results?

By Adam James, Founder of Springup PR Do you want regional media exposure for your care homes – but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re not getting as much media coverage for care home as you’d like? Are paid-for adverts not working for you, and you’d like to try another route? Do you want to ‘get the word out there’ to local prospect families about the quality services of your care home(s) Well, last year the CEO of a provider of two luxury care homes contacted me via Linkedin with these exact problems. The paraphrased conversation went like this. CEO:  “We’ve got these two wonderful care homes, but …


Want to test out a PR agency?

By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Are you worried whether or not a PR agency is up to the job and can secure desired results? Do you like the idea of “testing out” a PR agency before committing to a longer-term relationship? I  totally understand this, and I’ve been approached by companies who’ve been stung by rotten PR agency experiences. So when a UK luxury care home provider, who’d never used a PR agency before, came to us with these doubts, we were determined to re-assure them. And what better way to do this than offering the group, which operates two homes, our globally-exclusive one-off “guaranteed results” package. The provider wanted us to …