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How to get journalists to love your company

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR We were delighted when AntikBar, the UK’s only vintage poster gallery, approached us to secure them exposure in key media read by their target customers. Antik Bar, based in London, took up our exclusive “Guaranteed Results” offer, as they were keen to target key journalists on media such as Homes and Antiques magazine. Springup PR’s senior associate Lisa Pettifer quickly discovered that not only did Antik Bar have a range of beautiful and unusual vintage posters but its founder Kirill Kalinin, had an intriguing back story and unique expertise. So Springup PR embarked on two tactics. Firstly, a strong pitch to journalists on …

Determination and persistence is a core PR skill

Discover the 6 emails and 1 phone call it takes to secure national media exposure

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR “Follow up to the death” – that’s often what I instruct colleagues when they’re pitching a story on behalf of a client to a target journalist. What this means is: “Keep on contacting the target journalist until s/he says accepts or declines your pitch.” A high-risk tactic? Maybe so considering journalists at best sigh with resignation or at worst abhor with passion when PR pros badger them with “non-stories”? But, if a ‘pitch’ is truly solid, tight, forensically focused and conveys a genuine ‘story’ then you must “follow up to the death” Here’s one real example of “following up to the death”. I …


Want to test out a PR agency?

By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Are you worried whether or not a PR agency is up to the job and can secure desired results? Do you like the idea of “testing out” a PR agency before committing to a longer-term relationship? I  totally understand this, and I’ve been approached by companies who’ve been stung by rotten PR agency experiences. So when a UK luxury care home provider, who’d never used a PR agency before, came to us with these doubts, we were determined to re-assure them. And what better way to do this than offering the group, which operates two homes, our globally-exclusive one-off “guaranteed results” package. The provider wanted us to …

Don't feature in a PR horror story!

PR horror story!

Want a PR horror story? Here’s one….. A leading laser eye surgery firm paid a PR agency many tens of thousands of pounds over 12 months with a brief to secure them national media exposure. What were the results after 12 months? Zilch. Nought. Zero coverage. Aaaaaaah! Just imagine how disappointed/furious this company was. The truth is that national media exposure for laser eye surgery firms is gold dust – it can be a sales magnet leading to direct sales at £4k + per sale, as well as the media exposure providing substantial third-party endorsement. In the UK, the Daily Mail covers laser eye surgery ‘stories’ most frequently, approximately six …

Photo-feature in the Daily Telegraph, secured for our client, Oomph, by Springup PR

PR that has Oomph!

Oomph! is the most exciting provider of fun and “funky” activity classes and programmes to residents in UK care homes across the care sector. Founded by entrepreneur, Ben Allen, the multi award-winning social enterprise approached Springup PR as it wanted to use national, trade and regional media to boost significantly its profile among target audiences, and help propel the business forward with its growth plans. Charged with a three-month campaign, we set to work developing a strategy, storylines and “angles” with impact that would grab the attention of journalists and editors of target media, and achieve desired results. Within three months we’d achieved the following exposure for Oomph! ·      Photo features Oomph! in the Daily Telegraph and Guardian, focusing on …

Nigel Botterrill

‘Media coverage brought in £1/4million of sales’

We were at the National Entrepreneurs’ Convention in Birmingham this year. At the event Nigel Botterill, marketer and one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, described how one piece of media coverage for his wife’s then fledgling business, My Mag, led to directly to a “£1/4million of sales in five weeks” “This was such a massive thing for her business,” said Nigel who during the convention praised the impact PR can have on building a business’s profile and reputation among target audiences and customers. “PR gets your name out there,” enthused Nigel. And, as Nigel documented, a carefully thought-out PR strategy can lead directly to BIG sales.